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Developer website Overflow has released the results of its annual developer survey. Highlights of the findings include the following:

  • The most popular programming languages are JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL and Java.
  • The most loved programming languages are , , Python, TypeScript, Go and Swift.
  • The most dreaded programming languages are Visual Basic 6, Cobol, CoffeeScript, VB.NET and VBA.
  • The most wanted languages are Python, JavaScript, Go, Kotlin and TypeScript.
  • The most loved tools and frameworks are TensorFlow, React and Torch/PyTorch.
  • The most dreaded tools and frameworks are Cordova, Xamarin, Hadoop and Angular.
  • The most wanted tools and frameworks are React, Node.js, TensorFlow and Angular.
  • The most loved platform is Linux, closely followed by serverless.
  • The most popular development environments are Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio and Notepad++.
  • Only 15.9 percent of developers are actively looking for a new job, but 59.8 percent are open to new opportunities.
  • 85.5 percent of developers use Agile software development methodologies.
  • 87.2 percent of developers use Git.

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