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This blog is for every on-demand startup, looking for surefire ways to boost their business models, in terms of, on-demand grocery app. We’ve rounded up three lessons, which will help you to create a successful business model.

With the emergence of the on-demand solution, grocery shopping is never going to be the same again. Today, numerous grocery service providers are already in the marketplace. But according to Forbes report, “Instacart has become America’s most promising companies list”.

Launched back in 2012, Instacart is a grocery delivery startup, which is popular to deliver in as short as an hour. According to the latest news from TechCrunch, “Instacart has secured another $200M at a $4.2B valuation”. From the same source, “Instacart was last valued at $3.4 billion in a financing round in March 2017”.

Additionally, in just two and half years, Instacart has rocked up to the Silicon Valley money list with its 1-hour grocery delivery service. That’s why this startup has placed among one of America’s most promising companies list.

  • Total funding amount: $874.8M as per the data from Crunchbase
  • Total App installs: 1M to 5M, as per the latest data from Similar Web
  • Instacart ranks #12 in the United States.
  • Funds raised in the first 3 years of the emergence of Instacart can be seen in the below image.

instacart-in-3-years-growth  - Instacart in 3 years growth - Startups Need to Check Out These 3 Lessons Before Developing Grocery Apps


  • Instacart has raised $220M in Series C funding in 2014.

instacart-growth  - instacart growth - Startups Need to Check Out These 3 Lessons Before Developing Grocery Apps

  • In the below image, you can see the latest data of mobile app ranking of Instacart from SimilarWeb.

similar-web-instacart  - Similar web Instacart - Startups Need to Check Out These 3 Lessons Before Developing Grocery Apps
So, if you are also planning to establish a successful on-demand grocery startup, let’s out the below-mentioned lessons that learned from on-demand grocery startup, Instacart. These lessons can help you to know how you can establish a successful on-demand grocery platform.

3 Lessons Learned from Instacart, a San Francisco-based Grocery Delivery Service

#1. Analyzed The Key Problems and Provided With The Appropriate Solutions

A nimble grocery on-demand service, Instacart analyzed the pain points of people while they order grocery. There was a delivery issue, which was faced by many shoppers in the previous times, but Instacart has recognized this problem and worked on it, and optimal solutions to users.

To deliver groceries within one hour to customer’s place was another biggest challenge. And, this was first implemented by Instacart. However, there were numerous stores already available for , where they could buy groceries, but Instacart provides instant delivery services to their .

In order to reduce the delivery time, Instacart provides facility to customers, in which they can order groceries by choosing one or more stores nearby via a mobile app.

Instacart has expanded its delivery zone to total 14 areas. Also, the has added stores in the area in order to serve better to users by providing seamless online grocery experience.

By providing this useful facility, the user is now able to get grocery in a minimal time, which was not possible earlier.

insta  - insta - Startups Need to Check Out These 3 Lessons Before Developing Grocery Apps

#2. Solved Common Problems Like Wrong Item Delivery, and Out of Stock Items

Have you ever got a wrong product as a customer while shopping online? A lot of customers receive a wrong product when they shop for grocery online. So, Instacart has hired a dedicated support team for the particular job to handle all these issues.

This team makes sure customers would receive right product. In any case, if the customer receives a wrong product, then he/she can directly contact Instacart team through a call or email.

Talking about, the ‘out of stock items’ means that, when the items in the app go out of stock. To handle this problem, on demand grocery delivery app, Instacart allowed their customers to add notes in the below of ‘out-of-stock’ product. By doing so, such on-demand grocery app can readily fix the problem, which can make hurdles in customers’ shopping experience.

Within the app, Instacart added ‘out of stock’ button on such products for the reference of customers.

instacart-lesson  - instacart lesson - Startups Need to Check Out These 3 Lessons Before Developing Grocery Apps

#3. Provided With Some Salient Features

Providing users with the unique and salient features always play an important role to grab attention from the maximum number of users. Therefore, the third lesson is centralized on the basis of what unique as well as useful features that you can provide your users. If you’re planning to create an Instacart clone app, then you need to check out the following salient features:

  • There is a collection of over 300,000 items from numerous stores, which enable customers to place orders from their favorite stores. Or, users can mix items from different stores into one order.

instacart-cities  - instacart cities - Startups Need to Check Out These 3 Lessons Before Developing Grocery Apps

  • Instacart is widely available in major areas of the United States such as San Jose, New York, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Austin, Los Angeles, Boston, and SF Bay Area as you can see in the below-given graph.

instacart-cities  - instacart cities1 - Startups Need to Check Out These 3 Lessons Before Developing Grocery Apps

Long Story, Short

With a vast network of grocery chains and retailers and quality customer experience, a grocery app can achieve success like Instacart. Additionally, in this way, you, as a startup, can boost your business model after considering above mentioned lessons in your mind and try to deliver solution to your audience problem and serve them better.

Validate Your On-demand Grocery App Development Idea

No matter whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur, all aforementioned lessons can surely help you to broaden your vision and provide your customers with an outstanding service like Instacart.

With the constantly increasing demand for on-demand grocery services, you can also have your own on-demand grocery apps like Instacart. If you have any grocery app idea like Instacart, you make sure to validate your idea with any android apps development company.

In case, if you still have any query related to on-demand grocery apps like:

  • How this grocery app can help you to serve your customers?
  • How much does it cost to create an app like Instacart?

You can consult us through below-given form and our business team will get back to you to solve your queries!




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