How (Game-Changing Brazil-based Startup) Has Secured $9 million in Seed Funding to Launch Dockless Bike With These

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Yellow-bike-sharing-app  - Yellow bike sharing app 624x416 - Startups Need to Check Out These Solutions by Yellow Before Developing Bike Sharing Apps

This blog is for those startups, who have made up their minds to create a bike-sharing app like Yellow, Ofo, and Mobike. In this blog, we’ve put solutions, which are provided by Yellow (Brazil-based Dockless bike-sharing company).

The bicycle is a bit like becoming Hulk. However, the concept of “dockless bike share” is not new, but still, its craze is not going to fade away. There’s been an explosion of American dockless, electric bike-sharing systems, that started in Europe and Asia. And, the craze has now reached to every shore across the world. Some of the most popular and top bike-sharing companies worldwide are JUMP and Spin (San-Francisco based), Lime and Mobike (Chinese-based) and Ofo (Beijing-based bike sharing company). Now, it is all about Yellow!

YELLOW-bike  - YELLOW bike - Startups Need to Check Out These Solutions by Yellow Before Developing Bike Sharing Apps

Yellow is a Brazil-based mobility startup that recently secured $9 million in SEED funding for its dockless bike-share service. The company was founded by Ariel Lambrecht and Renato Freitas, who sold their first ride-share company 99 to Didi in a $1 deal on 4th Jan , along with Eduardo Musa, the former owner and CEO of one of Brazil’s largest bike manufacturers, Caloi.

  • According to the report, “The market size of the global bicycle is predicted reach 65.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

World-bicycle-market-size-2022  -  E2 80 A2 World bicycle market size 2022 Statistic - Startups Need to Check Out These Solutions by Yellow Before Developing Bike Sharing Apps

  • In the below image, you can see the top regions where e-bikes are booming as it includes U.S., Norway, France, Germany, China, and Japan in the year of 2015.

US-market-lead  - US market lead - Startups Need to Check Out These Solutions by Yellow Before Developing Bike Sharing Apps

  • Unicorn Bike-Sharing Startup Companies: Ofo and Mobike. Both are the most successful companies in bike-sharing. Ofo is four years old bike-sharing company that had raised over $1.2 billion USD, and Mobike, which pulls more than $900 million in venture capital.

Let’s dive into the solutions, which are behind the dockless bike share startup, Yellow.

Sneak Peek: Top Solutions by Yellow (Dockless Bike Share Startup)

1. Acutely Aware of Pain Points of Common People

The concept of bike-sharing has exploded in just a couple of years and spreading to dozens of cities in China, and the U.S. overnight. However, the incredible growth of bike-sharing companies has fueled by massive injection of venture capital. Apart from this growth, the main thing that matters the most is to provide resiliency and comfort to the common people. But, how to achieve this? The simple answer is acutely aware of the pain points of common people. We mean to say to ease the pain points like difficulty of traveling from one place to another in the nearby area, the high cost of transportation, and other hassles.

This startup company has been analyzed the pain points of local commuters and provide solutions like ease the commute, affordable cost of transportation, hassle-free to hire a mode for commute through ride sharing app. Moreover, the Brazil-startup bike sharing company, Yellow is going to deploy 20,000 dockless bikes initially. And, the company plans to deploy a total of 100,000 bikes, as per the latest report. In short, the company understands the pain points caused by Brazil’s inefficient public transit, and come-up with the solutions, which are specifically to address their needs.

So, if you want to become the next giant, and build an app like Ofo, Yellow or Spin, then you need to bear the following points in mind:

  • As a startup company, you must analyze the pain points of local commuters, and have a realistic attitude what is possible.
  • On the other hand, if you have an existing business and considering an app for dockless bike sharing like Ofo or Yellow, make sure you do plenty of market research first. Find out how many customers would actually value such service.
  • Also, you need to take a look at the competition and recognize that more competition is likely to arise henceforward.

2. Improve Circulation of Urban traffic by Providing Cost-effective Transportation Mode

The reason behind the emergence of the startup company, Yellow provides solutions to increase the quality of people’s lives. The goal of this business model is to improve circulation of urban traffic and curb harmful greenhouse gas emissions by providing fun and cost-effective mode of transportation, which integrates with other public transit systems to optimize daily routes in big cities. Since e-scooters or e-bikes are the new craze, there is no surprise that Yellow also plans to deploy those mode of transportation.

Without providing effective solutions to commuters or local people, it is not possible to survive in the industry, no matter what. Here are some of the points that you can consider while developing a bike-sharing app like ofo.

  • Your startup business model must proffer solutions, which are convenient and efficient for people.
  • Also, you do not need to build a brilliant business model rather providing brilliant solutions to users.
  • Talking about the bike-sharing business model, then create an app that must be easy for busy professionals to pinpoint and quickly order what they want.
  • Additionally, you need to work on to identify a niche market, and then find out an efficient way to serve the market.

What’s Next?

The concept of the e-bike is one the latest entrant into the app-based mobility market. Moreover, the e-bikes are shaping up and simplifying the commute. What’s more, the e-bikes industry is also going to flourish in the near future.

Talking about the growth in this niche, then it is equally attractive. Being a startup, if you have ever thought about developing mobile app under the category bike sharing, then you can cross-verify your idea with us. As we are a leading app development company, and have already developed over 50 Uber clone .

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