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Blockchain and social media, where do they meet? Apparently on sites like Steemit, the content based social media site where you can earn points which may translate into money for the stuff you post. Instead of posting it for free on other social media services.

With this site you post your content, art, words, video, whatever, and the community upvotes it. The more votes you have, the larger part of the blockchain generated pool you get. Everyday new Steem tokens are generated and out to the people who manage to get noticed as well as people who have good standing in the community. You can also buy tokens with Bitcoins. I am not actually sure if this ever can be cashed out for money.

Still for people who like the idea of getting a return on their investment in creating their posts, this is one (of a few) websites that give you that opportunity. You need an account to post and vote but be careful, if you ever lose your login, it’s gone forever! Check out the website for more information.

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