- strava lead stuff - Strava’s Apple Watch app lets you ride free without your iPhone

Sure, this might not sound like a revolutionary leap considering there are watches that can measure your lactic acid, but it’s a symbolic moment for the Watch.

So far, only a handful of WatchOS apps – including Workouts, Nike+ Run Club and Runkeeper – are able to use the Series 2’s built-in GPS, but Strava is rightly KOM when it comes to cycling and running . This also keeps it up to speed with  Wear 2.0, which also untethers Strava users from their phones if their smartwatch is blessed with built-in GPS.  

With other apps like Runtastic promising similar updates this year, the Apple Watch is fast evolving into a fitness companion that can match dedicated watches in most areas except battery life. We’ll bring you a review of the new Strava as soon as we’ve escaped the Stuff office and cruised down to Richmond Park.  


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