The Surf-Grip has had an interesting journey on its way to becoming what it is today. The prototype started life as a pool-noodle/trashcan lid combination. Thankfully, the design was refined and the Surf-Grip was born in San Diego, CA.

Catch Some Waves With Surf-Grip

The aptly named Surf-Grip is a foam paddle with a handle that beach-goers and surfers can use while riding waves to increase buoyancy and get a super long ride. It is the innovation that surfers have been waiting for.

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It’s not just for surfers either. Swimmers of all abilities can improve their body experience with this handy aid. This water sports and fitness device increases your buoyancy so you can get a good ride. The Surf-Grip is a simple device: A pair of foam paddles with handles. It is easy to pack up and take to the beach and easy to use.

Whether you are an expert or a novice rider, you will be able to pick up the Surf-Grip and use it right away. It’s an affordable alternative to body boards or surfboards and besides, it’s just fun to have a new way to ride waves.

You can even get a new Shark edition with custom imprinting available.

Surf-Grip Takes Body Surfing To The Next Level  - Surf Grip Takes Body Surfing To The Next Level1 - Surf-Grip Takes Body Surfing To The Next Level

Surf-Grip lets you catch long waves.

It’s Easy To Use

The Surf-Grip couldn’t be easier to use. Just grab the handle inside the Surf-Grip and catch some waves. Yes, it really is that simple. A nice side effect of using Surf-Grip is that you won’t get board rashes and there are no leashes to get tangled up in either. It’s just you and the wave, which is a much more intimate way to ride that wave. You won’t even need to wear a rash guard.

Surf-Grip gets you in the action with the minimum amount of gear. It’s just what you need for some fun in the sun at the beach.

Surf-Grip Body Surfing To The Next

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