Live your most life when you rock a pair of the T-Bô Comfortable Men’s . Featuring a unique micro modal fabric, these briefs are superbly soft. They use a unique mix of bamboo viscose and birch tree. These natural materials make the T-Bô Underwear totally breathable and hypoallergenic. The fabric also combats bacteria growth so you feel and smell fresh all day long. Unlike traditional men’s underwear, the T-Bô Underwear doesn’t have a flat front pouch. Instead, there’s a pouch-like design to hold you comfortably. In addition, the leg cuts offer freedom of movement and no constraints. Finally, you can tear off the back label for a truly seamless experience. The T-Bô Underwear comes in three ranges. The Must-Have is great for everyday use as the fabric-wrapped waistband offers total comfort. The Ballsy range features stronger support where you need it. Finally, the Comfy As F*** range have a barely-there design.

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