Yes, it’s that of the year again. Another year gone by, which means another batch of predictions for the future.

As is always the case, I own up to my misfires by leading off with the predictions I made last year and admitting what came true and what didn’t. So, let’s get that out of the way.

My 17 predictions: some hits, some misses

  1. Apple continues to lose its cool. — I think I got this one right. iPhone 8/X sales are not what they were expected to be, the list of complaints is growing and more and more say the company has fallen behind. Hell, even I switched to a Galaxy after frustration with the poor quality of iOS 11.
  1. Cloud adoption will slow. — Oh, boy, did I blow that one.
  1. Some manufacturing will return to the U.S. — I don’t know about tech, although I did see Microsoft has moved Surface manufacturing to China. But overall, manufacturing has gained 138,000 jobs in 2017 vs. a loss of 34,000 in 2016. And we all know who will take credit for that.
  1. China will lose its luster as a manufacturing hub. — Clearly that has not happened.
  1. The Internet of Things () will continue to spin its wheels. — There appears to be considerable buildout of edge networks to accommodate IoT. And more and more tech is making its way into cars. So, IoT is happening — just not at a revolutionary pace.
  1. AMD comes back big. — Oh, yes, definitely. Sales are up and the Epyc server chip is scoring big wins.
  1. Augmented reality (AR) will grow faster than virtual reality. — True, thanks to the success of Pokemon Go, the first killer of AR.
  1. Net neutrality will suffer setbacks. — Duh.
  1. Windows 10 will continue to sell better to consumers. — Guess I missed the mark on this one. Net Applications put Windows 10 at 23 percent in December 2016 vs. 47.7 percent for Windows 7. One year later, Windows 10 is at 32 percent, while Windows 7 is at 43 percent. So, Windows 10 gained nine percentage points, while Windows 7 only lost four percentage points. Obviously, Win10’s gains came at the expense of older XP machines and Windows 7 hangs on.
  1. Amazon and Microsoft will continue to dominate the cloud. — Not a hard prediction to make, although Google is making a charge.

13 tech predictions for 2018

OK, on to my predictions for 2018:

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