I’m a graduating senior economics student looking to work for a big in NYC (Nielsen on the Buy side ideally as I have a close relative there but, realistically, it’s entirely up in the air). Lawyering (my original intention) wasn’t going to cut it for a career and I now have a marginally relevant educational background that I have to try and leverage much as possible. I have a high GPA and several years of professional experience which has given ample relevant ‘soft’ skills (project management, research, professional communications/presentations with some analysis). However, I’m looking to beef up my ‘hard’ skills as I prepare to enter the job and I’m trying to decide what I should focus on.

I’m adept with Excel but that’s it for software, so I’m mainly looking into SPSS, R, SQL, Tableau, and Access. That said, I’m open to all suggestions and I’m really hoping for some insight as to what’s valuable right now or what will be valuable going forward on a micro and a macro level. I’m not set on any precise career direction but I know that I want a career in a part of the market and consumer research/analytics/consulting space that is poised to along with the big data explosion.

Any advice, whether it’s technical skills or general ideas/thoughts related to , are greatly appreciated.

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