A effect for a slideshow inspired by the “Abstract is hiring” Dribbble shot.

TextTrailEffect_featured  - TextTrailEffect featured - Text Trail Effect | Codrops

Today we’d like to a little text effect for a slideshow with you. It’s based on the animation seen in the Dribbble shot Abstract is hiring. The idea is to show a trail of a text when transitioning between slides of a slideshow. The animations are made using TweenMax.

Attention: Note that this is very experimental and that we use modern CSS properties that might not be supported in older browsers.

We’ve created five demos with different typography and effects for the images as we go from one slide to another. The text trail layout is made by using a flexbox container that will make the height of each text container shrink so that all fit into the viewport (height). Some of the texts will be visible in full height (we set them specifically to flex: none). Using blend modes and rotations also creates an interesting look.

TextTrailEffect_01  - TextTrailEffect 01 - Text Trail Effect | Codrops

TextTrailEffect_02  - TextTrailEffect 02 - Text Trail Effect | Codrops

TextTrailEffect_03  - TextTrailEffect 03 - Text Trail Effect | Codrops

TextTrailEffect_04  - TextTrailEffect 04 - Text Trail Effect | Codrops

TextTrailEffect_05  - TextTrailEffect 05 - Text Trail Effect | Codrops

We hope you enjoy this effect and find it useful!

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