Why use dependencies when you create your own transformations ?

In this post i am gonna show you some view pager . Animation in view pager is implemented using PageTransformer interface which is called whenever we slide view pager. It is called twice for every slide event, because atmost two pages are visible on the screen. The position for first page is between (-1,0) and second page is (0,1). In the idle state , 0 being the position of the page we are currenting viewing.

By implementing this you can achieve these amazing transformations for Viewpager by your own and also you can create your own transformations and name them as you wish.

-  - The Android Arsenal – Animations -  - The Android Arsenal – Animations -  - The Android Arsenal – Animations

You can download the latest sample APK from Play store:

-  - The Android Arsenal – Animations

You can also see full video clip of all the transformations on YOUTUBE.

List of Transformations

Here is the list of transformations which you can check by clicking them :

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