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Project : SharedChamber on of SharedPreferences using Facebook Conceal
Conceal provides a set of Java APIs to perform cryptography on . It was designed to be able to encrypt large files on disk in a fast and memory efficient manner. Implementation on SharedPreferences of would be great data Encryption and Decryption. Currently supported Facebook Conceal V2.0



dependencies {
        implementation 'com.github.afiqiqmal:SharedChamber:2.5.0'


        implementation 'com.github.afiqiqmal:SharedChamber:2.5.0' {
            exclude group: '', module: 'gson'




First of All

it needed to first init in Application class in oncreate method or on Base Activity Class. or everything is not working =D


Permission need to use in your project. Please Allow it first if you need to use file , or it will affect .putImage and .putFile method

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
SharedChamber sharedChamber = new SharedChamber.ChamberBuilder(this)
        .setChamberType(ChamberType._256)  //ChamberType.KEY_256 or ChamberType.KEY_8
        .enableCrypto(true,true) //param 1 - enable value encryption , param 2 - enable key encryption
        .enableKeyPrefix(true, "walaoweh") //1- if false, prefix will be ignore
        .setPassword("Android") //default value - BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID
        .setFolderName("") //create Folder for data stored: default is - "conceal_path"
        .setPrefListener(this) // listen to data changes 

*setFolderName - folder will be hidden. To see, enable show hidden folder in storage
               - data stored here only images and files
               - sharedpreferences are not store here
               - created folder by default YOURSTORAGE/.conceal_path/images

               - for images - in folder /images
               - for files - in folder /files
Save data
sharedChamber.put(KEY,new byte[]);
sharedChamber.put(KEY,new Map<String,String>());

for complex object might need use putModel which use gson

sharedChamber.putModel(KEY, new Gson().fromJson(loadJSONFromAsset(context, "users.json"), User.class));
sharedChamber.putModel(KEY, new Gson().fromJson(loadJSONFromAsset(context, "users.json"), new TypeToken<ArrayList<Users>>(){}.getType()));

Files and Images

// Files and Images will be encrypted
// prefix of this encrypted images and files start with "conceal_enc_";
File getFile = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().getAbsolutePath()+"/testing.pdf");
sharedChamber.putFile(KEY,getFile,boolean deleteOldFiles);
// deleteOldFiles - true or false.. true - will delete choosen file and move to new path

//put images
sharedChamber.put(KEY, BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.mipmap.ic_launcher));
sharedChamber.put(KEY, File file);
sharedChamber.putDrawable(KEY, Drawable ID);
For Method Chaining
new SharedChamber.Editor("PREFIX") // optional - get default from global prefix
                .put(KEY,new byte[])
                .put(KEY,getFile,boolean deleteOldFiles);
                .put(KEY, BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.mipmap.ic_launcher))
                .put(KEY, imageFile)
  .putModel(KEY, new Gson().fromJson(loadJSONFromAsset(context, "users.json"), User.class));
                .apply(); //.commit();
Get total data
Get all sharedpreferences data
Map<String,String> getAll = sharedChamber.getEverythingInChamberInMap();
Get all sharedpreferences data in List String
List<String> getAll = sharedChamber.getEverythingInChamberInList();
Get all encrypted Files inside created folder
List<CryptoFile> getFiles = sharedChamber.getAllChamberFiles();
Fetching data

//using gson
sharedChamber.getModel(KEY, User.class).toString();
sharedChamber.getModel(KEY, new TypeToken<ArrayList<Task>>(){}.getType()).toString();

Bitmap bitmap = sharedChamber.getImage(KEY);   //return String path
File enc_file = sharedChamber.getFile(KEY,true);    //return File
// this getImage and getFile will totally decrypted selected file/image. You need to encrypt it back.
// just call sharedChamber.putImage(KEY,bitmap); or sharedChamber.putFile(KEY,enc_file,true);
Clear key and SharedPreferences
sharedChamber.destroyChamber(); //clear key
sharedChamber.clearChamber(); // clear all

sharedChamber.remove(KEY1,KEY2,KEY3,KEY4) //String... keys
sharedChamber.removeFile(KEY); //delete assosiate file (images and files) return boolean
Check if key exists
sharedChamber.contains(KEY); // return boolean
Get SharedPreferences
Listener Data Changes
public class BaseActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements OnDataChamberChangeListener{
    public void onDataChange(String key,String value) {
         //code here
Easier Save User Detail Preferences
new SharedChamber.UserChamber()
.apply(); // need to apply() or commit()


SharedChamber.UserChamber().applyFirstName("Firstname"); //directly apply
SharedChamber.UserChamber().applyLastName("Firstname"); //directly apply
Get User Detail
new SharedChamber.UserChamber().getFirstName()
new SharedChamber.UserChamber().getLastName()
new SharedChamber.UserChamber().getEmail()
Key prefix – Apply key with prefix
new SharedChamber.UserChamber("KEY PREFIX").setFirstName("Firstname").apply();
new SharedChamber.UserChamber("KEY PREFIX").setLastName("Firstname").apply();

Extra Usage for Conceal Encryption and Decryption

SecretChamber secretChamber = new SecretBuilder(this)
                .setEnableValueEncryption(true) //default true
                .setEnableKeyEncryption(true) // default true
                .setChamberType(ChamberType.KEY_256) // ChamberType.KEY_256 or ChamberType.KEY_128
                .setPassword("Mac OSX")
secretChamber.vaultHash(plaintext); // SHA-256
secretChamber.lockVault(test); // encrypt using facebook conceal
secretChamber.lockVaultBase(test,4); // encrypt using basic base64 with iteration
secretChamber.lockVaultAes("Hello World is World Hello Aes Cryption"); // encrypt using AES

//1-parameter is original location of will move to other location set as in initialization
secretChamber.lockVaultFile(File file,boolean deleteOldFile);

secretChamber.openVault(cipher); // decrypt using facebook conceal
secretChamber.openVaultBase(cipher,4); // decrypt using basic base64 with iteration
secretChamber.openVaultAes(cipher); // decrypt using AES

secretChamber.openVaultFile(File file,boolean deleteOldFile);


-keep class com.facebook.crypto.** { *; }
-keep class com.facebook.jni.** { *; }
-keepclassmembers class com.facebook.cipher.jni.** { *; }
-dontwarn com.facebook.**
  1. Set Preferences for specific user
  2. Able to switch Preferences between user


Facebook Conceal – Conceal provides Android APIs for performing fast encryption and authentication of data.
Documentation – Here


open source project that is licensed under the MIT license. Please refer to the license file for more information.

Source link


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