Some base features for . Boost up your developement. BaseHelp is a saver & easy to use library for . It encapsulates the functions commonly used in development which have complete demo and unit test. Using its encapsulated methods can greatly improve development efficiency.

Happy coding.

For using this library you need to include Google’s Maven repository for latest Support libraries.

You can do that as give below :

In your project’s build.gradle file include as :

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url "" 

In your app’s build.gradle file include as :

    //Other dependecies...
    compile 'com.github.nikhilborad:basehelp:1.02'

Now, any of your activity extends AppCompactActivity. So basically you need to do is replace AppCompactActivity with BaseAppCompactActivity to your class

public class MainActivity extends BaseAppCompactActivity{


After successfully done, type nb and hit ctrl+space and all available methods from this library will show up.

To be more precise I put “nb” prefix to all methods name.

Please make sure to request appropriate runtime permisions on Android Marshmallow (SDK 23) and above

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