The AV_TEST Institute recently tested the most popular Windows client antivirus products on three criteria: protection, performance, and usability. Products that ranked highest in all three areas were Kaspersky Lab Endpoint 10.3 and Office Security 5, Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0 and Endpoint Protection Cloud 22.9, and Trend Micro Office Scan

The downloadable infographic below summarizes the results. You can drill down on the full results at The AV-TEST Institute’s website.

This infographic summarizes tests of Windows client antivirus software conducted by AV-TEST. The AV-TEST Institute The AV-TEST Institute The AV-TEST Institute

Why the best antivirus software may not be enough

Traditional signature-based antivirus is notoriously bad at stopping newer threats such as zero-day malware and ransomware, but it still has a place in the enterprise, experts say, as part of a multi-layer endpoint security protection strategy. The best antivirus products act as the first layer of defense, stopping the vast majority of malware attacks and leaving the broader endpoint protection software with a smaller load to deal with.

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