- STELE008700 1 - The BIG 22X Zoom Lens for Your Smartphone!

If you really want to take your smartphone pictures to the next level, this lens is something out of the ordinary!




  • It actually zooms a lot!
  • Looks nice with black and red
  • Good build quality
  • Tripod included


  • You’ll need a very steady hand if you’re not using a tripod
  • Difficult to get nice pictures, because it didn’t fit that well on my iPhone XR
  • Difficult to use because it’s pretty heavy

- STELE008700 6 - The BIG 22X Zoom Lens for Your Smartphone!


The zoom lens for your iPhone is a cool gadget for people who love to take pictures. However, it’s not plug and play and it really takes some to get the framing right. If you want to use this in a sporting event, good luck, because if you can’t use a tripod, you’ll have a bad . Especially if you have a or heavy smartphone, it’s difficult to hold everything in place. If you do it right, you can get nice zoomed in pictures, but I wouldn’t have the patience and just leave the shot like that. You can find the lens here.

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