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NEWS – Do you need to count things during your day?  How many times (or minutes) you take for a breathing break, your golf strokes?  How many ounces of water you drink, or even how many rows you’ve knitted?  If you need to count anything during your day, you can use the Tree Abacus Counting to keep track.  The bracelets have a double row with nine beads each.  The beads are 8 and mm and are in two colors.

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Each you need to increment your count, simply slide the rubber bands past the appropriate bead.  The bracelet shown here is showing 21.  You can count up to 99 with the Life Tree bracelet.

The bracelets are available in three sizes to best fit your wrist.  Each one is handmade, so you need to allow 3-5 days for the artist to craft your bracelet before shipping.  An artisan shop named Jill’s Beaded Knit Bits makes the Life Tree Abacus Counting Bracelet in several color combinations.  Each bracelet is $26.95.  See them all at Jill’s Beaded Knit Bits shop at Amazon.

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