- Finbourne 1 - The Finbourne supremacy fires up with wealthtech club – FinTech FuturesLondon-based tech provider is working with five financial institutions, including HSBC, to help design and refine the features of a shared cloud-based investment management platform.

Not all are named, but the five include Fidelity International, HSBC Securities Services and Altana Wealth. They’re called the Lusid Design Council and it’s just been launched.

Finbourne says the platform can replace existing in-house software and hardware. The plan is to help asset managers and servicers with its new tech.

Yugo Ashida, director, architecture, Fidelity International, says: “Finbourne is building a platform from the ground-up based on collective experience which allows us to approach challenges in a novel way. Being a member of the Lusid Design Council gives us the flexibility to test different , apply new thinking and put in place the foundations to reimagine our current architecture.”

Finbourne says the coven of five meet monthly to “discuss how to rationalise infrastructure costs, achieve advanced standards of data handling and improve the quality of information for institutional clients”.

As you’d expect, it’s on the lookout for more firms to join its .

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