Having just gotten involved in a debate about OpenAI, I thought I'd start this thread, and put forth my thoughts, feel free to shoot them down and disagree, we need vast amounts of debate on this subject. This is about narrow .

So, to start at the beginning of my understanding of this universe, everything is ultimately about pattern searches. We get atoms through random quantum searches, molecules through random atom search, biology through randomly finding molecules that can reproduce themselves, creating protocells and the cells, which can then make current biological cells, which carry out specific functions. Then, eventually we get minds, which can store information (see Life v3.0 from Max Tegmark). So, for a long (well, by our standards), we've learnt how to augment our bodies with physical ways to make stuff, but never really our mind. Then, we invented the computer, and, for the first , we found a way to augment our minds, with AI. With that, we found a way to perform a search on a whole new level.

So, for the first time, we have a way to carry out a search above the ability of our minds. It no longer has to be a long term, slow search, instead, it can be directed. E.g. in a modern context, if you want to start a business, you need to look at the local competition, interest in your product etc. If you want to design a new product, you can have an AI perform a search on possible solutions etc.

So, what's going to happen is that AI platforms are going to become the next internet, more and more companies will use them to be able to totally predict what is their next best move, so our economy will become entirely run by AI predictions.

Am I wrong in any of this?

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