Were you able to purchase a before and no longer using it today? If yes, then you might consider buying a , so you can still make use of your Hoverboard. The patent pending aims to address the common problems of this product.

- HoverSeat 1 - The HoverSeat Brings your Hoverboard to Life

When you’re not fully trained to control hoverboards or do not have any knowledge on how to maneuver it, these things are undeniably unsafe. With HoverSeat, anyone can have a new, fun, and safe mode of transportation. You can virtually drive it with your feet and just sit back and relax while it gives you a tour around the park or beach. It’s the perfect solution to your hoverboard problems!

- HoverSeat 4 - The HoverSeat Brings your Hoverboard to Life

The HoverSeat is easy to install since it will only take you a few seconds. Just attach it to your hoverboard and add whatever chair or item you want. You can add a beach chair or cooler. Aside from easy installation, it is easy to navigate or drive. To start your tour, you can use your feet to drive you around the area. It can be used on packed sand, gravel, grass, on-road, or off-road.

- HoverSeat 3 - The HoverSeat Brings your Hoverboard to Life

Since it’s versatile, you can mount your groceries, storage box, folding fishing chair, paddleboard, kayak, cooler, or even another hoverboard, if you want. Do note that it’s essential to secure everything else before running your hoverboard since failure to properly secure the desired seat to the frame may result in injury. The HoverSeat includes the following parts or components:

  • Product Manual
  • 2 Velcro strips to tie down the chair of your choice
  • Plastic clamp which latches onto the hoverboard
  • 2 pneumatic wheels
  • Aluminum frame – requires minimal assembly

- HoverSeat 2 - The HoverSeat Brings your Hoverboard to Life

HoverSeat is currently 1 plastic T-handle as an additional part or component that allows you to pull it like a cart or wagon. If you’re interested in purchasing the HoverSeat, you can either an Aluminum Chair ($49.99), HoverSeat Frame ($79), or HoverSeat XL Attachment ($119).


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