- huawei watch 2 - The Huawei Watch 2 is less of a smartwatch, more of a wrist-worn phone

That17;s a lovely story and all that, but isn17;t it a bit specific?

Sure it is, but if it ever happens to you you’ll be super-glad it’s the you’re wearing!

True, but let’s say I actually don’t want to wimp-out on my run – what’s the like?

You’re such a goody two-shoes! But to answer your question, let’s say ‘pretty comprehensive’. True, swimmers are out of luck as the 2 is water-resistant rather than full-on water-proof, but assuming your sporting activities are restricted to dry (or damp) , there’s little more that you could ask for. Built-in GPS and heart rate tracking are the headlines, and they’re both utilised in a number of dedicated fitness programs so you can, for example, opt for a “fat-burning run”.

What are you trying to say?!

Nothing! You’ve no need for that, of course, but even an athlete of your calibre should appreciate that the Watch 2 measures VO2 Max after every run and generates a report that advises on recovery .

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