Ten years years ago, we could see something coming…a confluence of industries, the adoption of mobile and open platforms, rising expectations in user experience, a focus on new business models empowered by technology…today we call it FinTech!

Five years ago, we continued the with Let’s Talk Payments (LTP), a curated insights platform that today has more than 0,000 subscribers with millions of annual views globally. LTP quickly became the world’s #1 digital destination for FinTech trends and analysis. We thank each of you for your and support along the way.

The MEDICI knowledge portal was a natural extension of LTP, together offering proprietary research and , and expertly organized so that the complex maze of FinTech could be navigated with ease. This shared resource has become FinTech’s digital watering hole, a place where financial institutions and startups identify and accelerate game-changing collaborations, facilitated by investors, accelerators and hundreds of innovation programs.

As the FinTech space has grown and undergone rapid change, so have we. We see the increasing potential for FinTech to serve as an enabling industry for the larger economy. We know that this broader impact will be realized only if we enable everyone in this ecosystem to innovate at scale. As we prepare for this exciting opportunity ahead of us, and reflect on the journey so far, we want to make sure our brand and offerings reinforce the mission we have always believed in:

Enabling all FinTech stakeholders to innovate at scale to further our common agenda of creating global economic impact.

If you are reading this note, you are already our partner in this mission. THANK YOU!

You have encouraged us to keep going when the road was uncharted, to change course when the approach wasn’t clear, to stop trying when the effort was futile. And most importantly, you’re the reason we continue to share the most accurate observations and insights every single day, rain or shine, during Christmas or Diwali, in hurricane or monsoon, with conviction in our mission and the trust of our audience (that’s you!).

This mission, which has always been at the heart of everything we do, is best served by consolidating our brand, insights, and products into a single name and a consolidated offering:

MEDICI_logo_withtagline.jpg  - MEDICI logo withtagline - The Next Chapter in Our Journey

MEDICI represents our entire FinTech industry… the financial institutions; insurance companies; technology giants; established FinTech companies; 10,000+ FinTech startups; hundreds of investors, accelerators, incubators, challenges, hackathons, events, innovation programs; and of course our 200,000+ email subscribers and social media followers. Innovators from every FinTech segment around the world… all under the same tent, collaborating and inspiring the booming FinTech space.

Many of you have worked tirelessly alongside us to build this new industry together. Thank you!

It is our sincerest hope that this next in our journey presents new opportunities for you to make your voice heard, your products known, and your impact felt across the FinTech landscape.

Best regards,

Aditya Khurjekar, with Amit Goel and the entire MEDICI team.

P.S. Excited to offer you the summary of our latest report: State of Global FinTech. Click here for your free report.

Aditya Khurjekar is CEO and founder at MEDICI (formerly LTP, Let’s Talk Payments), the trusted source for global FinTech insights and ecosystem engagement.

Previously, Aditya was a founder of Money20/20, and on the the founding team at Softcard, the mobile commerce joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon. Aditya also held a number of leadership positions at Verizon Wireless, CSG Systems, Lucent Technologies and Bell Laboratories.

Aditya holds an MBA in Finance & Management from New York University and an MS in Electrical Engineering. He lives in Charlotte, NC and works with teams all over the world.

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