It’s no secret that Nintendo’s popular gaming has a permanent boot exploit that allows users to hack and run their own code, including emulators. Since the news of its compromise, there has been a tsunami of DIY mods, including transforming it into a Linux tablet, creating custom Firmware and soft-mods. Suffice it to say, there are many to mod the Switch, and GitHub user Quantum-cross has one of the more exciting ways to run your code using Adafruit’s Trinket M0 microcontroller.

Quantum-cross wired the Tinker chip to the Switch’s power connector, USB-C connector, and the controller connector. (📷: xboxexpert)

The process involves stripping down the by removing a few capacitors and the USB port, and then installing it inside the Switch case where it’s connected to the platform’s power, USB-C, and controller contacts on the PCB. There’s also a built-in RCM Strap line that enables you to boot from either the bootloader or from the Switch, making it easy to go from one or the other just by pressing a button.

For uploading software/firmware, Quantum tasks a customized version of Fusee Launcher code loader (derived from work done by GitHub user’s atlas44 and noemu) to inject whatever payload you want simply by using the Switch’s USB-C port without the need to access internal hardware.

Quantum-cross’ PCB diagram highlights where to connect the Trinket M0 to the Switch. (📷: Quantum-cross)

One drawback to this mod is that in order to run those payloads, the system must be booted every you do so. The video does mention though, that at some point down the line the software will mature enough to where the need for rebooting will eventually end, making this mod obsolete. Those interested in modding your Switch can head to Quantum-cross’ GitHub page where he provides everything needed, including step by step instructions and the necessary code.

Do modchips help or hurt consoles? Hmm…

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