- ressence5g logo - The Ressence Type 5G looks positively unreal

But that minute hand’s just painted on the dial, surely?

Ah-ha! The whole dial rotates, giving you your minutes, along with a sub-dial for hours. The other two dials are diagnostic – the temperature of the in-watch oil, showing that it’s within its -10C to +40C happy place, and a 90-second ‘running’ hand that’s required for diver safety standards. There’s a subtle rotating bezel on the outside of the watch for measuring your dive .

Earlier, you mentioned ‘watches’, plural…?

My, what big ears you have, Grandma.

All the better for picking out salient plot points, little girl.

You’re creepy. But also right – launched its first watch a few years back, and the 5 diving watch more recently than that.

But the original 5 had a white-on-black design that, while just the thing for not making mortality-threatening miscalculations under water, wasn’t so desirable for the majority of Ressence afforders who spend a lot more time swanning around at the boat club. Hence, the Type , ‘Grey’, designed to look a little classier. It costs the same: a don’t-forget-this-is-an-engineering-marvel US$35,000.

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