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The Xperia XZ Premium is overkill. Yeah, that’s right – we said it. But that’s why we love it.

A 4K, HDR screen that, for most people, is technically more impressive than the giant TVs they’ve got sat in the living room? Check. An insanely quick camera that’ll make a hummingbird’s wings look smoother than silk thanks to the ’s best smartphone slow-motion skills? Yup, it’s got one. All powered by the fastest processor on the planet right now? Oh, go on then.

The phone itself is stunning, too, with a beautiful, all-glass that thoroughly and elegantly delivers on that “Premium” moniker.

Sure, we can’t help but wonder what that ludicrous display will do to the price, or how it’ll impact on battery life. But ignore all that for a second. For sheer force of will in pushing the mobile industry forward, at a when everyone else is being pretty boring, we have to hand it to Sony.

If you want what should be the most advanced phone in the market when it launches later this year, then start saving your pennies now.

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