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NEWS – The is a short cable that you can use to charge one device from another device. That’s right, this cable siphons juice from one battery and effectively turns that device into a portable battery that you can use to charge a second device.

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The Volt Battery Share Cable will not work with iPhones, but the cable will work with most devices that have either a micro USB or USB-C port. The cable is available in two sizes: .25m and .75m (approximately  inches and 30 inches) and has a micro USB connector on each end with an adapter that will turn it into a USB-C connector. On one end there’s a USB-A connector so that you can plug the cable into a USB adapter.

Why would you need this cable? It’s less bulky than carrying a portable backup battery and you don’t have to depend on that battery being charged. The only thing you do have to depend on is having a device that can be used as the host while the other device with the low battery (the ) sucks the sweet sweet power elixir from the host.

The Volt Battery Share Cable Kickstarter campaign that started today and ends on January 10, . Right now they have raised almost $2,000 towards their funding goal of $15,000. You can pre-order a Volt Battery Share Cable starting at $25. After the Volt Battery Share Cable campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in February . Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

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