Gradually, the smartphones are adding many new and advanced features in the camera, making it ideal for everything from photoshoot to family photos and selfies with friends.

Today, click thousands of pictures of every occasion like birthday, wedding or a road trip. But how they are managing lots of pictures in their smartphones?

When it comes to managing photos, lots of people are facing problems as they want to sort everything so that they can share the entire album with anyone. They are finding it hard to check and detect every single picture and delete the blurry or duplicate ones as it is an extremely -consuming process.

Considering the need for a good photo management and photo organizer software, the French startup has launched Zyl, a smart photo organizer app to view, manage, and share all your photos. The startup is using deep learning to go beyond the limitless grid of photos and replace the default new Photos apps on your phone.

Started as a simple collaborative photo album app, today, Zyl has expanded its social features that make it the best photo organizer. The app is focusing on that is a great selling point against photo apps from Google and Facebook.

As you know that your photos are not used to learn more about you and improve ad targeting. It makes use of the same photo database as the native one on your iPhone or Android device, so it will not make use of more storage.

Even, this app can a lot of space by detecting duplicates and helping you keep the best versions. In addition to this, it looks at timestamps, rejects blurry pictures, and compares contrast.

1. Allows Creating Collaborative Albums With Your Friends

One of the best features of Zyl application is that allows users to create collaborative albums with their friends, relatives, and beloved ones. Now, there are no more lightsaber fights regarding sharing pictures of any friend’s birthday party or wedding because all the pictures are gathered in the collaborative album that created especially for the occasions.

zyl-review-1 The What and Why of Developing a Photo Organizer App like Zyl - zyl review 1 - The What and Why of Developing a Photo Organizer App like Zyl

The application will automatically manage pictures and gathered them in the one album, and you just need to give the name to that album. In addition to this, it will also calculate how many pictures you usually take every day and detect unusual days with more photos.

So, developing a photo management app that allows users to create a collaborative album can eliminate the hassle of sharing pictures on WhatsApp or on any other social media app.

2. An AI-based App to Manage Your Memories

Recently, the company has edited this powerful photo management application with artificial intelligence technology to manage your memories easily and without any hassle.

Whenever the user will open the app, they can instantly view all their last photos. This AI-based application will automatically manage one’s photos, adapts itself to user habits and needs to offer you even more beautiful memories.

By default, everything will stay on their phone as the company is focusing more on the privacy of the users. All the AI-powered algorithms run on your phone and this app doesn’t need to upload your photos to organize them.

3. Optimize Your Phone’s Storage Space

The most useful feature that you can find in this application is it locates and removes all the duplicate pictures that you have on your album. It will automatically detect all the same pictures and even compares which one is good to keep.

zyl-2 The What and Why of Developing a Photo Organizer App like Zyl - zyl 2 169x300 - The What and Why of Developing a Photo Organizer App like Zyl

It will also detect blurry pictures that you have taken and ask you to delete them so that you can save a ton of space. It looks at timestamps, rejects blurry photos and compares contrast. Eventually, you could imagine having an algorithm that rejects photos with closed eyes too.

4. Highlights Your Most Beautiful Pictures

Along with the best photo organizer, Zyl is also a great app that will take you to walk down to memory lane of your old pictures. It will detect your most beautiful and attractive pictures that you have forgotten and bring them back to life as time goes by.

Even, there is a search feature in the app that allows you to search any picture or album by its name. Now, you don’t have to scroll all the pictures to find your old images, just search it in the search option. Ultimately, this app could become a smarter Timehop that is a good way to look back and remember the best pictures from years ago.

5. Notifications

Notifications play an important to let you know about updated news of Zyl albums, essential reminders, etc. It is the easiest way for the app to reach every single user and inform them about any news, update or new feature. It will also notify users if it finds any duplicate and blurry picture and suggesting you delete it.

Moreover, all the deleted photos like duplicates and blurry ones will be saved in the trash for 30 days. You can restore them within 30 days and then it will be deleted permanently. So, there is no chance of losing any of your pictures.

These are the unique features of Zyl application that make it stands out from other photo management apps. While creating your own photo organizer, you can consider Zyl and its unique collection of features.

What’s More Possible in Photo Management Apps?

If you have one such photo organizer app idea in your mind that you wanted to convert into an app, there are enormous features, functionalities and techniques that can be included in the app, making it apart from other top photo management apps like iPhoto, Tidy, QuickPic, etc.

To make your application more user-friendly, we can include photo editing tools, so users can directly edit their pictures along with managing them. Moreover, users will also find it helpful if the app suggests them different filters to apply to make any picture more beautiful. You can allow them to directly share it on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

So, what’s your photo organizer app idea? What type of features do you want to include? You can discuss your idea with us and let’s see how our mobile app developers’ team can help you. Till then, you can check out different photo organizer and Management apps developed by us:




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