Thermacell patio mosquito repeller  - Thermacell patio shield mosquito repellant 001 460x600 - These mosquito repellers conjure an anti-bug force field

NEWS – We’re heading into the middle of summer, and that means cookouts, pool parties, and naturally, mosquitos. There are methods of curbing those pesky bloodsuckers, but bug sprays are smelly and oily and may not mix well with sunscreen, and open flame candles can be messy or dangerous.

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People next to a pool with a 15x15 foot zone around them  - Thermacell patio shield mosquito repellant 002 600x600 - These mosquito repellers conjure an anti-bug force field
Their smallest butane-fueled repeller provides a 15×15 -free zone.

Thermacell may have that problem licked. Their line of portable mosquito repellers uses a special scent- and DEET-free formula combined with a safe, butane-powered cartridge, all in a , attractive package. Their repellers form a 15-foot anti-mosquito and can be used on your patio, campsite or anywhere else you’re entertaining outdoors. Their larger, rechargeable battery-powered repeller commands a 110 square foot barrier of protection.

Check out the full line of Thermacell’s portable mosquito repellers on their site and Amazon get back to actually enjoying the outdoors.

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