cameras are a lot of fun, but I don’t have to tell you that they are also expensive. You’re probably saying to yourself that you already have a and it stinks to have to buy a new camera just to get all of the latest capabilities. Your phone serves you well enough. Guess what? You’re right.

is an Affordable 360 Camera

You already have a smartphone. So all you have to do is get an accessory that will turn it into a 360 camera. And that’s just what theVRkit does. This is a great affordable alternative to buying a new 360 camera. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to play around with VR. theVRkit gives you two options. You can buy the Starter Kit or the Pro Kit.


The starter kit lets you create 360 images at 8K resolution and 32 MP. You read that correctly. You can do this right from your smartphone. With the starter kit you get a 160M clip-on fish-eye lens. 160 degree vertical field-of-view, leaving only degrees on and bottom, and 3-element coated glass, with minimal chromatic aberration.

You also get a universal clip that fits most phones, but it’s not compatible with dual-lens systems like iPhone 8+ and X. It also comes with free foldable plastic VR glasses so you can experiment with VR. The glasses are nice and compact, fitting in your pocket.

The Pro kit gives you some extra toys. You get a Bluetooth controlled 360 panoramic head that spins your phone and stops it every to take great shots at regular steps. This head is compatible with all smartphones, including iPhone X. It also has a precise step motor (4000 steps) and a mini tripod that is compatible with all standard tripods. The included phone holder lets you shift the phone to position the lens on the rotation axis. It will fit any phone.

TheVRkit Turns Your Smartphone Into A 360 Camera  - The VRkit Turns Your Smartphone Into A 360 Camera1 - TheVRkit Turns Your Smartphone Into A 360 Camera

theVRkit makes your smartphone more powerful

Experience the World of VR

There’s also a 180S clip-on fish-eye lens featuring true 180 degrees, with no blind spot. This one has 4-element coated glass, with minimal chromatic aberration. The articulated clip fits any phone and is compatible with dual-lens systems. Plus you also get the VR glasses in this package.

theVRkit is pretty amazing for what it offers. It lets you get into the world of VR at a cheap price. Just $19.99 for the starter kit and $99.99 for the pro kit. If you’ve ever wanted to tinker with a 360 camera, but didn’t have the money, this is your ticket.

TheVRkit Turns Your Smartphone Into A 360 Camera

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