- 3 1 2048x - This Machine Generates White Noise?!

If you have some troubles falling asleep at night, some or other sounds might help you. The AuCuTee White has a terrible name, but it packs some cool features.



  • A lot of different sounds like cricket, birds, thunderstorm or white noise to choose from
  • You can combine everything to get your own unique sound
  • Wireless charging on the top
  • Built in timer
  • Also works with your via Bluetooth


  • Some sounds don’t sound that good
  • The speaker is basic – same speaker as in every other Chinese product

- 4 1 2048x - This Machine Generates White Noise?!


Although this weird machine is not something I would use to sleep, since I want my room silent, it can be very helpful for other people. It does not only generate white noise, but also a bunch of other sounds. You can make your own unique sound if you combine them together and you can also use your phone via Bluetooth. The audio quality is not great, but it works and the built in timer is a well thought addition for when you’d fall asleep and the thing is still playing. You can find the white noise machine here and here.

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