- 715zyRKDlL - This Mechanical Keyboard is Waterproof!

You don’t know fun if you’ve never used a before. It sounds heavenly and it looks pretty slick!



  • It sounds amazing
  • Looks great
  • Works for Mac and Windows
  • Plug and play
  • Washable and
  • Durable and minimalist design


  • Not wireless
  • Might be a bit too loud for some people and get annoying

- 71Em4RtsGyL - This Mechanical Keyboard is Waterproof!


The Aukey Mechanical Keyboard comes in at around $ (right now) and works fantastic. It’s fast, looks very cool and sounds amazing. The caps are high, you get a tool to take them out and the keyboard is waterproof, so it’s washable when there’s dust or other things between the keys. The travel is a bit long, but not annoying and only negative thing I could say about this keyboard is that your co-workers will probably start hating you. You can find the Aukey keyboard here.

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