For those of you who lived with the ugly-beige- computers of the ’90s, the modern day computer scene is practically a utopia. There are countless cases you can buy that are both attractive and affordable, so there is no reason to use those atrocious yellowing cases anymore other than misguided nostalgia. But, sometimes an off-the-shelf just doesn’t offer the beauty you want, which is why Matt of the DIY Perks decided to build this gorgeous PC from handcrafted wood and rope.

The first thing you notice about Matt’s design is the use of unique materials. It’s rare to see computer cases, but not unheard of. However, this is probably the first case you’ve seen that features heavy braided rope as an aesthetic element. This isn’t just about form though, and it has some of the most powerful components on the market today. That includes an Intel i7–8700K 6-core processor, 32GB of RAM, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, and a 2TB Western Digital NAND SSD.

All of that power generates a lot of heat and requires some serious cooling, which led to one of the case’s most distinctive features: dual Noctua NH-D15 tower coolers that are almost silent. Those massive heat sinks required custom mounts, but as you can see Matt made it look great. Finally, he finished off the build with a Burson Audio PLAY USB DAC and headphone amp. The finished PC looks fantastic, and is perfectly capable of running games at the highest graphics settings.

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