- tapdo logo - This wearable upgrades your whole hand to snowflake status

Uh, isn’t the Little Piggy song for toes?

You’ve got to start accepting , for Grud’s sake. Maybe this song used to be about toes, well, now it’s about fingers. Diesel used to be good, now it’s bad. MySpace has faded. Adapt or die, you sloth!

Fingers it is, then.

It probably could work on toes, actually, but you’re going to look even stranger than poking away on your fingers. See, Tapdo is a fingerprint sensor that assigns tasks to not only your main finger pads, but to the other eight sections underneath. by Bluetooth LE, pressing the sensor to – for example – the second section of your little finger might trigger an function on your phone or, using the phone as a conduit, some greater smarthome-type activity.


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