- turn touch - This wooden thing has buttons that control your home

What do them there go and do, then?

Whatever you darn well want, you pusher. Well, almost: sync it with your iOS smartphone or Mac via Wi-Fi, pair the little puck and you’ll be free to map those dinky buttons with a whole host of apps. In fact, you can assign several to a single button for all-at-once . All you have to do is push.

There’s already support for the likes of Sonos, Philips Hue, Nest and WeMo – with more likely to arrive soon. What’s more, it’ll play nice with almost any macOS , too – so your Photoshop fix is just a tap away.

Four feels a little limiting, though.

It’s all about the simplicity, man! Pare back your life! Use fewer exclamation marks! 

Anyway, for greedy sorts just like you it’s possible to make one button do many things. One tap might dim the lights, while a double-push could skip a song. Hold it down and, well, who knows what’ll happen.

I reckon I could make my own out of bamboo and magic.

Good luck with that. For anyone who doesn’t have that same prowess with natural materials and witchcraft, there’s a Kickstarter campaign ending shortly – and it’s already surpassed its funding goal. Act fast and you might be able to scoop up a Turn Touch for US$59 as an early bird, otherwise a mahogany number will set you back US$79.


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