The beauty of 3D-printing is the potential that it offers for prototyping designs. While you can use your 3D printer to simply fabricate designs you find online, its real purpose is for quickly iterating through design revisions. In just days, you can go through several cycles of designing and printing until you end up with the perfect design. YouTuber has applied that concept to DIY design, and his M3-SK modular, 3D-printable, speaker experimentation kit is the result.

Sanladerer this project as a way to evaluate speakers and the construction of their enclosures. As anyone who is experienced with stereo equipment can tell you, the design of a speaker enclosure is just as important as the quality and characteristics of the speaker itself. Just the size of the hole on the back of the enclosure can dramatically affect the bass response. Other qualities, like the volume of the open space inside of the enclosure, are equally important.

The M3-SK is designed to allow you to test the effects from altering those qualities. The is divided into three main 3D-printable components: a front piece where the actual speaker is mounted, a center piece that is the main body of the enclosure, and a back piece that has an opening or passive membrane that changes the sound. The pieces easily screw together, and you can quickly swap out each piece to experiment with different designs. The 3D-printed parts only cost you what you use in filament, and the speakers and membranes can be found online at very affordable prices.

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