Brokerage, a cloud-based financial services company, and fintech ‎firm .co, a provider of real- actionable insights based on ‎economic events, have partnered up to offer an AI algorithms solution for a $99 subscription with no commissions or hidden fees.‎

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Tradier joined forces with BetterTrader to make more accessible by offering ‎its investor community BetterTrader’s and ‎apps.‎

From Tradier’s perspective, the new addition generates value for its ‎users ‎‎as it provides a trading edge in the markets through sending insights ‎about macro events as they happen. The platform estimates the magnitude of ‎an event using historical data while its artificial intelligence capabilities predict market ‎reaction. It also interprets whether the release was stronger or weaker than ‎expected, and by how much.‎

BetterTrader is also equipped with a backtester function which uses historical data to ‎simulate all possible outcomes and observe how the market reacted to similar ‎situations in the past.‎

Tradier may be less well known in the forex trader community as it currently only provides ‎stock and options trading. It also depends on its brokerage API product that can be ‎integrated by third parties, with client onboarding and execution provided by Tradier, while ‎offering limited technology to its direct clients.‎

Eyal Mor, CEO of, commented: “We are excited about our ‎integration with Tradier Brokerage. We strongly believe that it is important to ‎empower traders to get an edge in the market. We are pleased that with this ‎integration we can not only allow traders to trade but most importantly they ‎can do this with no commissions”‎

Dan Raju, CEO of Tradier, added: “BetterTrader, through the integration ‎with Tradier Brokerage, puts powerful tools at the fingertips of traders. We ‎are excited that innovators from all across the globe use using the Tradier ‎API to innovate”.‎

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