It’s Xmas! Well, it was Xmas but I (and hopefully you too) am still in that Xmas period haze where it’s hard to tell one day from the next. Apparently, it’s also hard to remember to hit record before talking about this week’s updates so yeah, good one !

But I did eventually record a full and in an otherwise slow news week, I I’d talk a little bit about Xmas down under in Australia. About 93% of visitors to my blog this year have been from other parts of the world (most notably the US and UK) so the idea of a sunny Xmas is to most. I share a bit about what it’s like down here at this of year before getting into some actual tech content. I also spend more than usual talking about this week’s sponsor, not because it’s part of the sponsorship model, but because they just make a great product that I’ve personally used for many years.

So that’s it for this week, next week will be a whole new year and we’ll be heading back towards business as usual. Happy New Year folks!

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  1. We’ve got more canals than Venice and Amsterdam combined down here (this is a great Google Maps shot that gives you a sense of our waterways on the Gold Coast)
  2. It’s (another) new Pluralsight course! (Orin Thomas and I talk about care and maintenance of development VMs)
  3. Netsparker is this week’s sponsor (just one of the sponsors whose products I’ve used first hand… and continue to use!)
  4. Here’s a Netsparker report on (this is the sample I use in so many of my courses and workshops – check out the report, it’s pretty neat)

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