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Many of us are aware of being more security conscious these days, taking the necessary precautions at our homes in order to minimize the possibility of unwanted intrusion. A good set of CCTV or indoor cameras is always a deterrent, as it functions as your electronic eye that keeps track of the latest happenings in your surroundings even when you are not around. The TrueLook 4K indoor camera might be something that you would want to consider for this coming Christmas then, as it features a built-in 4G LTE cellular modem to ensure that you do not have to rely on your Wi-Fi network all the .

The whole idea of having a cellular indoor camera is to deliver a turnkey solution for construction sites where internet service is not available, or perhaps in other areas where regular people live as well. With a wireless option, it makes the TrueLook 4K indoor camera extremely and hassle-free.

This indoor camera boasts of an Ultra HD 4K resolution that will ensure no detail is lost in all of its recording. When it in tandem with a horizontal field of view of 9 degrees, this particular camera is able to deliver an excellent degree of coverage. Thanks to the built-in cellular modem that relies on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network without any limit, you do not have to worry about transmission ending abruptly simply because the quota has been reached, or choppy video because of a wireless network issue.

Users will be able to check on their premises remotely, and since it is extremely lightweight and very easy to install, the flexibility and increased mobility involved makes it very convenient to relocate at your whim and fancy. Perhaps this holiday season might be the perfect time for you to rethink over your home or business premise’s security options and add the TrueLook 4K indoor camera to your wish list.

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