The new Navigation library is exciting. In particular, the new philosophy to modularise Fragment out is really cool to see. However, the lib’s current fragment animation capabilities seem to have fallen quite short of the mark.

The documentation states that you should create Property Animator XML files to control your transitions. This would be great, but there’s two huge problems:

  1. It’s wrong. The actual implementation uses Neonate Animations, which frankly I’m surprised aren’t deprecated at this point. Google themselves call it a legacy framework.

  2. Property Animators do not yet cover everything that Neonate Animations do (a possible reason for their still being around). Most pointedly, they do not support percentage values, which leads to some kind of ugly workarounds to support simple things like sliding animations.

In addition, I don’t see any way to perform Transition animations. Fragment Transition animations are easily the hardest to grasp and have famously threatened to stump even google engineers.

I was really hoping that the new architecture components would solve this complexity issue but it seems like there’s still need to use libs like Conductor yet.

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