- 1x1 - Uber Is Testing Out Its Own Traffic Estimates System

Image credit – TechCrunch

We’re sure that many have called for an Uber in which based on its on the map, it seems like it could be pretty close, but for some reason it ends up taking way longer than expected. There could be many reasons behind this, but soon Uber riders can knock one of those reasons off their list – .

According to a from TechCrunch, it seems that Uber is out its own traffic system. In the screenshots above, you can see how the Uber will now show users a path that is overlaid in blue, yellow, and red segments. This is essentially similar to other navigation apps such as Google Maps, in which yellow shows more traffic than normal, while red indicates a congestion.

Basically the idea here is that by allowing to see traffic estimates, they might be more understanding as to why their cars are arriving later than expected. As TechCrunch also notes, this could be a way for Uber to try and encourage users to use one of their other services, such as the JUMP Bikes, or purchase a public transportation pass from within Uber.

Uber has confirmed that they are testing the feature and are trying to see if the feature will be useful before rolling it out to more users, but what do you guys think? Will traffic estimates be a useful feature you’d like to see in the Uber app in the future?

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