I was chatting with one of my Youtube channel followers the other day and he asked me to publish a very simple example of how to prompt a user with a message and a question “Are you sure you want to delete this?“. This dialog window should be presented when user taps on Delete button.

So with this blog post I am sharing with you an example of how to use UIAlertController and present user with a dialog message when they tap on Delete button. The dialog window will display a question “Are you sure you want to delete this?” and two buttons: Cancel and Yes to confirm their intention. If user clicks on Yes button, a delete() function will be called.

So here we go. Below is a short video and a source code of the ViewController created on video.

UIAlertController. Dialog Example in

Confirmation Dialog Example Source Code in Swift

import UIKit;
class ViewController: UIViewController {;
    @IBOutlet weak var myTextField: UITextField!;
    override func viewDidLoad() {;
        // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.;
    override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {;
        // Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.;
    @IBAction func deleteButton(_ sender: UIButton) {;
        // Declare Alert message;
        let dialogMessage = UIAlertController(title: "Confirm", message: "Are you sure you want to delete this?", preferredStyle: .alert);
        // Create OK button with action handler;
        let ok = UIAlertAction(title: "OK", style: .default, handler: { (action) -> Void in;
             print("Ok button tapped");
        // Create Cancel button with action handlder;
        let cancel = UIAlertAction(title: "Cancel", style: .cancel) { (action) -> Void in;
            print("Cancel button tapped");
        //Add OK and Cancel button to dialog message;
        // Present dialog message to user;
        self.present(dialogMessage, animated: true, completion: nil);
    func deleteRecord();
        print("Deleting text now");
        self.myTextField.text = "";

Also, I have an example of UIAlertController which has two buttons on it and a UITextField: 

UIAlertController with Two Buttons and UITextField

or here is another interesting example of implementing a feature that asks user to confirm their intention to delete a record. The example below also has a video tutorial and source code available:

UITableViewRowAction Example in Swift

I hope this is useful for you!

Please comment below if you have questions.

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