- UpCart in use - UpCart – make carrying things a bit easier

If you live in an urban area without a car then chances are you have a cart to get your groceries around or really anything else you have to carry. They’re very useful. But they’re not great with stairs. Meet the UpCart, the cart that will go up the stairs.

- UpCart Wheels close - UpCart – make carrying things a bit easier

The cart has a soft bag carrier and an adjustable handle. It can carry up to 0 pounds making it useful for transporting all types of everyday things. When you’re done, you can collapse it into a small size making it easy to store in smaller living .

- UpCart Bag - UpCart – make carrying things a bit easier

The magic is in the wheels. Instead of just two back wheels, this cart has six, three on each side and offers continuous motion and stability as you climb up the stairs. This is created by keeping four wheels in contact with the ground at all times. The whole thing is built to last and can make your chore days a . You can get the cart and bag combo for $99.99.

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