This isn’t exactly the deal of the century, provided the terms don’t change in the near future. The 9to5Mac team noted that the 200GB iCloud tier costs $3 per month, and Apple has already been offering 30-day iCloud trials since May. This would matter more if Apple offered access for a longer stretch of , much like the six months of Apple Music for subscribers to Verizon’s newer plans. It’s safe to say this won’t sway you toward an if the freebie is a deciding factor R; not when rivals have offered free headphones and TVs.

That doesn’t look like the goal here, though. Rather, Apple appears to be using the iPhone upgrade cycle as a chance to spur its growing services. It’s hoping iPhone owners will see a whole-device backup (for most users, anyway) as just alluring enough that they’re willing to spend a bit of cash every year to maintain that safety net. This won’t satisfy the many people who wish iCloud’s tier would offer more than a tiny 5GB of space, but it’s an acknowledgment that Apple needs to be more aggressive if it’s going to compete with the likes of Google Drive or Dropbox.

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