I’m talking about the comments that users sometimes submit along with crash reports. They used to be viewable along with the stacktrace in in the but since yesterday, they’re gone*. I contacted support and they confirmed that yeah they’re gone and they have no plans to reinstate them.

I pointed out that they were sometimes a valuable asset for developers when trying to reproduce a crash and that it was ridiculous that many users would now be going to the trouble of submitting only for it to be lost in the ether, not viewable by anyone. Their response was basically a copy/paste “your is important to us, now PFO”.

*The feature was actually removed about a year ago when Vitals was introduced, but was still accessible via a “Previous sources” link. I had assumed they would eventually integrate into the new page, but no, and now the link to the old page has been removed 😐

Is anyone else bothered by this?

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