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Vizio is no stranger when it comes to consumer electronics, in particular the TV segment as well as home theater systems. This around, their collection of theater are well positioned to blow your ears away, thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Atmos that will be able to deliver immersive cinematic audio to your living room. Of course, it can only do so much audio ‘magic’ per se, taking into consideration how your living room is set up and how much ambient noise from outside is going to trickle in.

The all-new 2018 home theater systems have been specially designed in order to produce extraordinary cinematic regardless of where you are , even overhead. Vizio hopes that this release of theirs will be the standard bearer when it comes to immersive in-home audio, and one will be able to select from a trio of configurations while boasting of independent upward-firing speakers that can deliver up to 10 channels of incredible from every direction. The VIZIO 46″ 5.1.4, 46″ 3.1.2 and 36″ 5.1.2 Home Theater Systems with Dolby Atmos will hit the marker when summer arrives.

Arriving with up to a quartet of Dolby Atoms-enabled speakers, these can reflect sound off the ceiling, allowing listeners to hear a range of subtle sounds which tend to be missed when using a conventional audio setup. From the flutter of birds to thunderstorms and helicopters swirling above, you can now be part of the listening experience that will be truly immersive. Each system kicks off with rich sound from the main sound bar’s front left and right channels, while a separate center channel results in crystal-clear dialogue. Beefy wireless subwoofers offer room-shaking bass, and rear surround sound speakers complete the entire experience.

It also comes with Google Chromecast built-in, letting you stream music from any Chromecast-enabled audio . No word on pricing has been released just yet, so stay tuned.

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