- vodafone logo 1024x633 - Vodafone guarantees minimum speed of 25Mbps for Home Broadband customersFrom today (March 1st ) UK will offer all new and upgrading Home Broadband a minimum broadband speed. 

Superfast 1 (up to 38Mbps) a minimum speed of 25Mbps for £21/month while Superfast 2 (up to 76Mbps) guarantees a minimum speed of 55Mbps for £26/month.

These prices reflect a £2/month discount for existing Vodafone customers who sign up for Vodafone Home Broadband service, worth £36 over the life of the contract.

Customers will be given 15% off their monthly bill if if does not deliver these speeds. All customers need to do is claim via the Vodafone Broadband .

It’s also extending the our ultimate speed guarantee to its small business customers too.

Customers who are new to Vodafone pay £23/month for Superfast 1 and £28/month for Superfast 2. From 1st March 2018 until 3rd April 2018, there is no delivery fee or any other upfront fee. From 4th April 2018, a £9.99 delivery fee applies.

Says Nick Jeffery, Vodafone UK CEO:

“Whether running a family or a small business, customers want guaranteed broadband speeds they can rely on. That’s why we are launching the ultimate speed guarantee. So whether it’s mum, dad and the kids streaming the latest blockbuster on movie night, or a small business owner videoconferencing with clients, they’ll be able to count on us.”

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