Now here’s a bit of lateral thinking, a new device to generate electricity from your home water supply.

develops alternative energy devices and they’ve just revealed the first prototype of their Turbine which electricity whenever water is used at home.

The system converts the kinetic energy produced by the flow of water into electricity. So every you wash the dishes, take a shower, wash your car or even flush the loo you’ll be generating some electricity. The makers say the turbine is able to produce 0 watts of electricity from household tap water.

So will this reduce your water pressure? According to Vortical most home owners will see no

Most residences and commercial businesses already have pressure regulators that reduce water pressure coming in from the street. Why not have one that also produces electricity?

Vortical Tech say their turbine can be paired with external battery packs to store energy for later use, as well as augment solar photovoltaic systems to provide an alternative source of energy that doesn’t rely on the sun.

There’s no official word on pricing yet other than the companies FAQ which states that they are “…targeting a price of roughly two average solar PV panels.”

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