I’ve been working on my Litecoin for a while now. But I can’t seem to control the when I make transactions.

I know how to send transactions with Litecoin-Qt GUI:

No problem with that, the fee was 0.00017 LTC and was included in the next block. The vsize of this TX = 170, which explains the 0.00017 LTC fee.

But I’m also working on my own wallet on my VPS with the Litecoin-CLI. I made a raw TX, signed it and sent it. This happened:

A transaction fee of 0.1 LTC!!! And the vsize is just 192.

I went back to the litecoin.conf file and it has the paytxfee=0.001 parameter. Which means it would cost me 0.001 LTC/kB. maxtxfee wasn’t turned on yet, but now it is with a value of 0.001. When I try to send now, it just prompts me with: "error":{"code":-26,"message":"26: --fee"}.

What am I doing wrong?

(Yes I’m testing my wallet on the mainnet, I’m stupid)

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