Planning to Create a App Like Tinder? You Can’t Afford to Miss These Points That Make It Stand-Out

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If you’ve been waiting for creating the model, in terms of the Tinder-like app, then you can not afford to miss out these essential points, which can make your dating app stand-out. Let’s have a look!

Smartphones gave a new life to online datings, and Tinder just grabbed the opportunity. In a short span of , Tinder has become the most popular dating app. It does not only kill the stigma of online dating, but it also makes easier to subtly stalk the matches. Now, it is just a matter of .

However, you may have scrolled a Tinder app for once in your life and know about its nitty-gritty features. According to the latest news by Techcrunch, Tinder has launched a new location-based feature in its dating app. Moreover, the company stated in the statement that its new location-based feature set will include releases, where every single feature builds on top of the prior one.

Talking about the online dating industry, the below-mentioned facts can make you aware of the current market.

Fact 1: According to the from Pew Research Center, “80% of Americans say online dating is a good way to meet people”. It means that people’s attitude towards online dating has become more positive that you can see in the below-given .

online-dating-data  - online dating data - Want to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? Check out these Essential Points

Fact : The next reveals, “Since 2013, use of online dating sites, and apps by adults has nearly tripled” that can be seen in the below-graph.

data-online-dating-2  - data online dating 2 - Want to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? Check out these Essential Points

Fact:3 Taking you straight to the data from Google Trends, in which you can see people’s interest towards online datings apps is increasing over time. Since 2013, it has been increasing drastically around the globe.

google-trends-online-dating-apps  - Google Trends online dating apps - Want to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? Check out these Essential Points

Moving ahead, to know briefly about Tinder’s overall growth to know what Tinder possess.

Tinder’s Overall Growth

Launched back in 2012, Tinder is a widely used dating app, which focuses on matching users by allowing them to search matches based on location. Just look at the figure below:

  • Within just two years, Tinder had over 1 billion matches and 800 million swipes per day.
  • According to the data from App Annie, which reveals the total download rank of Android users in the United States. As you can see it in the below image.

tinder-app-ranking-and-store-data-app-annie  - Tinder App Ranking and Store Data App Annie - Want to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? Check out these Essential Points

  • Moreover, you can the Tinder’s ranking in the provided image below.

app-annie-data  - app annie data - Want to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? Check out these Essential Points

Image Source: AppAnnie

  • Tinder has become one of the top dating apps among dating apps that you can see in the below image.

ranks-top-tinder  - ranks top tinder 1024x602 - Want to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? Check out these Essential Points

If you’ve decided to create an alternative to tinder app, then you can review the essential points below.

Essential Points That You Can’t Afford to Miss While Creating a Tinder-Like Dating App

After going through the aforementioned data about Tinder, now, there’s no room for doubt that the tinder app is something doing right.

#1. It’s Important To Overcome The Two-Sided Marketplace Problems

Generally, in a dating app, there are two-sides required. It means that the two-sided marketplace or network, which is required for different user groups. For instance, in Tinder, there are two groups i.e. male and female.

However, for tech companies, the two-sided marketplace problem is common. And, Airbnb and Uber, both are the perfect examples, in which the concept of the two-sided marketplace is playing. When it comes to Uber, there is two-sided market i.e. Rider and Driver. However, in order to handle the two-sided marketplace is pretty hard. Plus, the value of the market is directly proportional to the number of participants. But, the strategy of Tinder appeared to be hit in that time.

Therefore, such condition needs both sides participants in order to find value. And sometimes, it is very hard to find.

However, the question arises here – how do you get started before developing tinder alternatives? Then, the simple answer is to start by ‘driving growth’ of one side of the marketplace. As Tinder did. They focused only one-side of the market. Also, you need to deploy a systematic approach before involving innovative projects like dating app like Tinder.

point-tinder-1  - point tinder 1 1024x512 - Want to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? Check out these Essential Points

#2. Tactics: To Achieve Continuous Growth in Dating App

Apart from overcoming the two-sided marketplace problem before creating tinder like apps, there are other variables also, which are few worthy of mentions here:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Third-party Integration

User Experience: Tinder has a plethora of features. However, in order to select the match, the user usually follows: Swipe right for yes, and Swipe left for no. Therefore, provide app users the easy process for accessing the features in the dating app. If you’re planning to create one of tinder-like apps, then you need to take care of UX, which is an essential component to virality and explosive growth of the mobile application. Thus, we can say that a simple UX of Tinder is responsible for its growth.

tinder-feature-swipe  - tinder feature swipe - Want to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? Check out these Essential Points

Image Source: bdcwire

Third-party Integration: To verify user’s identity through other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram is easy for app user. This is an effortless on-boarding process, so you can consider this point before creating Tinder-like dating app.

#3. Upgrading The App With Useful Features on Regular Basis

According to the source from AppAnnie, “In the year 2015, with the launch of Tinder Plus (one of the Tinder’s features) Tinder jumped from 969 to 26 in the iOS download charts”. Currently, the app is available in more than 30 languages worldwide. Although, it provides an exclusive range of features, and some are latest are worth-mentioning below:

Social Feed: According to the source, “Tinder has come up with a new feature, which is known as Feed”. In the dating app like Tinder, the feature ‘social feed’ helps users to learn more about their matches. With such feature, user can get a real-time update of other matches. This feature is pretty common and worth including for users.

feed-tinder  - feed tinder - Want to Create a Dating App Like Tinder? Check out these Essential Points

Tinder Gold: It is a paid feature, in which user supposed to upgrade to Tinder Plus (the premium version of Tinder). This feature helps users to get 60% more likes as compared to those users who are using the free version of the app. By consider such type of feature in the dating app, you can allow your app users to get unlimited likes, more profile controls, and rewind. Apart from these features, you can also consider these enormous features of a dating app like Tinder.

Final Thoughts,

There’s no denying that the technology has transformed everything from finding a new friend to looking for an old one. However, datings apps are one of the booming examples of it. Whether you’re a startup or an entrepreneur, you can also grab an opportunity by creating an app in the genre of online dating. If you have ideas which you think can add value to end users’ lives, then you can validate it from any trusted Android app development company.

Last but not the least, still, if you have any query or confusion related to dating app like Tinder, feel free to share your ideas with us. All you just need to fill-up the below-given form and it won’t cost you a single penny. Consulting is completely free!




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