July 12, 2018

Want to Create a Fuel Delivery App like WeFuel, Filld or Booster? Don’t Overlook These 4 Handy Features to Make Your for Gas App Successful

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Uber-for-Gas  - Uber for Gas 624x416 - Want to Create Apps like Uber for Gas? Consider These 4 Handy Features

This article includes information for startups and entrepreneurs. Herein we’ve curated four handy features, which you can’t overlook before developing a successful app like Uber for gas. Let’s have a look!

You might have heard this phrase “There’s an app for that”. However, it seems like there’s not a single service left behind, which can’t be booked via a mobile app. We usually talk about the different mobile applications in diverse categories. But, today, we are going to talk about ‘Gas On-demand’ or ‘Uber for Gas’.

Before that, it would be better to define ‘on-demand’. The on-demand means “now” and “fastest”. As per the report from Harvard Business Review, “The on-demand economy is attracting over 2.4 million consumers on annual business and $57.6 billion in spending.”

On-demand-economy-Space-O  - On demand economy Space O - Want to Create Apps like Uber for Gas? Consider These 4 Handy Features

Therefore, it is no wonder that the on-demand economy is going to flourish in the future and will have big opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs.

What is an On-demand Fuel Delivery App?

The on-demand fuel delivery app is based on a simple concept that lets app users refuel their vehicles through an app without visiting the fuel stations. The user just needs to request for fuel delivery by just tapping the button in the app. Well, the name is itself that if there’s no gas station nearby, then the app user can request for gas delivery.

WeFuel-app  - WeFuel app - Want to Create Apps like Uber for Gas? Consider These 4 Handy Features

Now, we are going to talk about an app like Uber for gas and its handy features. So, if you are planning to create an app like Uber for gas, consider these core features before developing an on-demand fuel app.

4 Handy Features to Consider Before Developing an App Like Uber for Gas

1. Allow Users to Choose The Where The ‘Vehicle is Parked’

On-Demand-Fuel-App-1  - On Demand Fuel App 1 - Want to Create Apps like Uber for Gas? Consider These 4 Handy FeaturesImage Source: booster

One of the core features you need to consider is allowing your user to choose the location where he/she wants the fuel delivery service. You can allow them to directly “move the pin to vehicle location’ to make it more precise.

Moreover, make sure that the app users would not experience any hassle while entering the location in the app. To give your users an enhanced experience, you need to pay extra attention to such feature that must be accurate and precise.

2. Details: Lets User to Schedule The Time, Select The Quantity & the Types of Fuel

Fuels-On-Demand-Fuel-2  - Fuels On Demand Fuel 2 - Want to Create Apps like Uber for Gas? Consider These 4 Handy FeaturesImage Source: booster

Once the user selects the exact location where the vehicle is parked, then the next feature is to enable them to fill the required information. This feature must be easy, fast, and convenient.

As it is all about adding the details from the users’ end, vehicle number, fuel type, delivery time, and card details (optional), and the cost of fuel per gallon, it will make you understand your users’ requirement of fuel type. After filling up all the details, there must be a button to request the service. However, such feature is basic but essential while developing an app for on-demand solutions for fuel delivery.

3. Payment Gateway Integration

Another integral feature, which can’t be missed while developing on-demand fuel delivery like WeFuel and Booster is payment gateway integration that allows users to pay through multiple options like credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

There are different types of payment gateways, including Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Advent, HyperPay, and PaymentExpress to choose from. Make sure that you provide a safe and secure platform for your users make payments.

4. Real-time of Fuel Delivery

Booster-Fuels-On-Demand-Fuel-Apps-on-Google-Play-4  - Booster Fuels On Demand Fuel Apps on Google Play 4 - Want to Create Apps like Uber for Gas? Consider These 4 Handy Features

It is hard to build a successful fuel delivery app without this core feature. This real-time tracking of fuel delivery lets users track the delivery person and his live location.

It would be great to provide such feature that helps users to know about the real-time location of the delivery. Also, it would be great if you let your users know about the approximate time of the fuel delivery. Moreover, it is also important to give the contact details of the concerned delivery person or instant message options to talk to him/her.

Other Features to Focus On

  • Past Order History and Print Order Invoices: This app feature is important to check the past order history and print order invoices. It will help users to track their past history along with order invoices for their future references.
  • Compare Cost of fuel from different vendors: It would be beneficial for your app users if you compare the prices of fuel at one place. And, the users can contact the vendors as per their preferences.

Being a startup, you must provide the above-mentioned features in your fuel delivery app and allow users to request for fuel from anywhere and anytime.

Top 3 On-Demand Gas Delivery Apps like Uber

Below are top three players in the on-demand gas delivery apps, which have already created a buzz in the market.

Top-On-Demand-Fuel-Apps  - Top On Demand Fuel Apps - Want to Create Apps like Uber for Gas? Consider These 4 Handy Features

Wrapping Up

As you can see there are core features that you can adhere to while developing a successful on-demand fuel delivery apps like WeFuel, Filld, and Booster. So, if you are having an app idea on fuel delivery app, which has enough potential to create a buzz in the marketplace, you can cross-verify it with us as we are the trusted iOS app development company with the experience of developing over 3500 mobile apps.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to on-demand fuel app development, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you within 48 hours with an optimal solution.

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