Norway, an advanced crawling API service provider, has added and data to its API. The Dark Web Data Feed allows cyber security companies and researchers to monitor TOR network activity and provides programmatic access to anonymized web content available on TOR (The Onion Router). The API can be used to discover and parse specific information from within content located on .onion domains. These domains could be message boards, forums, and other hidden sites. Developers could use the Dark Web API to build applications for identifying stolen credit cards, identity theft, and other fraudulent activities.

The company has also added to its platform a Broadcast Data Feed which provides access to transcripts of U.S. television and radio programming. Developers could use the API to monitor broadcast transcripts for specific keywords and phrases which can be filtered by date and other parameters. The Broadcast Data API provides access to transcripts from more than 00 U.S. TV stations and more than 0 radio stations. The API also provides access to transcripts from some Canadian station and Spanish-US TV station programming.

The Dark Web Data Feed and Broadcast Data Feed are part of the API which provides access to structured web data feeds for a variety of content sources. Among the data repositories are news media, blogs, forums, message boards, ecommerce products, and reviews.

For more information about the API, visit the official company website.

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